Empty Rhetoric and Meaningless Lines: The Obama Non-Presidency

After Tuesday's State of the Union (5 down, 3 to go!), nothing has changed: Barack Obama remains a Marxist caricature, his presidency vapid by historical standards, and his leadership style exemplar of fecklessness... You wouldn't know it by the applause in the House chamber, nor by the booming economy that never stopped booming around the Beltway, but this recovery is no recovery outside the skull of Chris Matthews. People are suffering. Americans are suffering. And yet a president whose words belie the effects of his policies, a man who lies about "deficit reduction," then turns around and puts the pedal down on spending, nonetheless has managed to ride a sycophantic media to popular appeal. The federal budget, as a percentage of the economy, is at historically high levels-nearly 25% of GDP... And yet Obama, with a straight face, continues to ask "the rich" to pay more - just "a little more," mind you - floating an assertion removed from mathematics. The top 5% of taxpayers pay 60%...(Read Full Post)