'Zero Tolerance'

In hopes of controlling a lawless society they helped to create, liberals are dragging Pennsylvania kindergarteners into the nightmare of the liberal progressive paradigm. A five-year-old girl was suspended for 10 days and her sentence reduced to two for threatening another girl at the bus stop. Get this, with a Hello Kitty toy gun that blows soapy bubbles, her crime: issuing a "terroristic threat." Does a five year old even know what a terrorist is, much less a threat? Our society is doomed amid such nonsense that makes children afraid to be children. How can they learn when they are in fear, not of outside influences but of even being themselves and making the mistakes we all make as we learn to live with one another? Mount Carmel Area School District officials said the girl made the threat on Jan. 10 as she waited for a school bus with friends. A school official overheard the remark and searched the girl's backpack and did not find the Hello Kitty gun. The next day, the...(Read Full Post)