Who Gets to Call the Shots?

As liberals have so callously exploited the recent school shooting tragedy to further their mission to disarm Americans, one of their most frequent arguments is, "Who needs ten bullets to shoot Bambi, or a burglar in your bedroom for that matter?" Well, in the case of Bambi, they're a little closer on target, so to speak. As hunters know, if you miss with the first shot, you'll be lucky to get off a second before Bambi is long gone. But that may very well not be the case with the burglar in your bedroom. In the recent 911-recorded home invasion in Georgia, a housewife defending home and children emptied her five-round .38 revolver into a determined intruder at near point-blank range; it didn't even drop him. Though wounded repeatedly, he was able to flee the scene where he was later captured. What if he had chosen to press his attack rather than run? She was out of ammunition and therefore helpless, as were her small children. For those of you unfamiliar with firearms, a .38 revolver...(Read Full Post)