What Difference it Makes...

"What difference does it make?" Someone on that Senate panel should have responded, Madam Secretary, what a foolish question for a lawyer to ask." And never forget that Hillary Clinton is a lawyer because you can bet the farm she never has. And as such she knows full well that lawyers make their careers and fortunes on the legal minutiae of cause and effect. Were Hillary acting as legal counsel for a family of one of those deceased Navy SEAL's who died in Benghazi, in a wrongful death suit, she certainly wouldn't accept a defense argument of, "What difference does it make?" It is difficult to believe that as a lawyer she would have asked that question had she not been coached and prepped to do so for dramatic political effect.

Her question is also an indefensible and inadequate political response. As a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show gave as examples: what if Nixon had responded to the Watergate charges, "What difference does it make? So a bunch of guys out walking around at night decided to break into Democrat headquarters? So what?" Or, even better, "What if George Bush had responded to the issue of no found WMD's in Iraq with the same dismissive response?" Do you think the media would have swallowed whole such an indifferent comeback as they've done with Hillary?

The difference it makes Hillary is that there most likely exists tort culpability for wrongful death within the government, whether it's in your state department or the White House, for those four deaths in Benghazi. And you'd best believe there are going to be far more inquisitive and determined lawyers than you appear to be coming after you and your political cronies. Those fellow barristers aren't likely to be so easily dismissed as that bunch of fawning senators with:

"What difference does it make?"

You can hide behind your sovereign immunity, Hillary, but there are personal injury lawyers out there who know how to pull legal flanking movements on that defense. Whether or not they prevail in court, they will keep your name and your political aspirations in the news between now and 2016.

And not in a good way...