Ex-NASA Scientists Find No Imminent Climate Threat

A team of ex-NASA scientists working since February 2012 has cast serious doubt on the science used to support the man-made climate change hypothesis.

The team of Apollo-era retirees, many with Ph.D degrees, voluntarily joined together to attempt a disciplined study of current climate science after becoming dismayed with NASA's increasing advocacy for alarmist man-made climate change theories. The results of their work, now posted on the internet, conclude that the science of what is causing global climate change or warming is clearly not settled and never has been. Further, they say, there is no convincing physical evidence to support the man-made climate change hypothesis.

In their study, the team found no valid repeatable physical observations -- the standard test of any scientific hypothesis -- to support claims by climate alarmists. Instead, those claims "are dominantly supported by non-validated computer models and the output of these models should not be relied upon by policy-makers." Among other conclusions:

• There is no immediate threat of catastrophic global warming even if some warming occurs. The sea level is not going to suddenly begin a steep acceleration of its 18,000-year rate of rise. Global sea level rise is not currently accelerating despite what climate change alarmists claim.

• The U.S. Government has overreacted to claims of a possible catastrophic warming. The probable negative impacts to the economy, jobs, and an increased cost of food, transporta-tion and utilities will be severe and hurt the poor and middle class the most. Real experiments show that Earth's habitats and ecosystems could be damaged if CO2 levels are actually reduced. Environmentalists have been grossly misled to believe that CO2 is a pollutant.

Further validating the team's findings, recent release of satellite data measuring global warming reveal no distinct trend up or down for the last ten years. Even data issued last month by Dr. James Hansen, long regarded as the principal global warming alarmist within NASA, show no correlation with his temperature forecasts dating back to 1988.

President Obama now threatens to use the EPA and other government agencies during his second term for instituting policies without legislative action to limit carbon-related emissions and carbon-based fuel extraction. With such policies being based only on unsubstantiated climate change alarmism, valid scientific opposition will be needed as never before.