Weird Rahm's weird joke

Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago and former Obama chief of staff, is one weird dude. Known for sending a dead fish, mafia-style, to an opponent, for a mouth so foul that President Obama publicly joked about how rare it is for him to use the word "mother" all by its lonely self, and for slamming a knife into a conference table screaming that he wants his opponent "dead," hizzoner da mare has now turned to joking about the burning of Atlanta, a shameful episode in American history . Stuck in at the end of a report on sewer pipes by Fran Speilman, city hall reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, comes an account of the mayor's weird sense of humor: Gov. Quinn and I sat down a few years ago and he told me his No. 1 priority . . . was to create jobs," he said. "We support Gov. Quinn and he supports jobs and we'll continue to do that." A noted history buff, Quinn said some of Chicago's water mains were installed when Ulysses S. Grant was president. "Ulysses S. Grant, if he was here today, would...(Read Full Post)