The 'Second Term Obama' would rather fight than govern

We saw "the 2nd term Obama" at his press conference on Monday.  He is a fighter not a lover.  He is going to pick fights with the Congress (the GOP House not the Democratic Senate) and fight and fight and fight.  I also think that he is frustrated that he is the first president in recent memory to be reelected with less than votes than the first time around.  It must be an "ego crushing reality" for a man who thinks that he is God's gift to mankind! Why the comparative President Obama? The answer is that President Obama would rather fight than govern.  We face huge problems and there are no easy solutions. Governing means that he will upset the base!  Fighting the GOP is the kind of distraction that avoids decisions and keeps the base happy. On entitlements, President Obama would rather say that the GOP wants to throw your grandma over the bridge than to admit that Social Security and Medicare are unsustainable. On the debt ceiling,...(Read Full Post)