The good news nobody is noticing

It requires a special kind of mind to challenge the commonly-accepted beliefs, take note of facts that others overlook, and stand up to tell people what is really going on, what nobody else seems to notice. Such a mind is that of Herbert E, Meyer, frequent contributor to American Thinker.  What makes Herb different from most other brilliant original thinkers, however, is that he has a track record of making calls that have changed the world, accomplishing what others dared not even dream of. Even though his name is not widely known, Herb is the man who can be credited with envisioning, and then helping implement, victory in the Cold War, at a time when everyone knew that Communism was here to stay, and that the best course for America was to implement détente with the Soviet Union, and learn to live in a world split between Communism and freedom. Herb said no, and marshaled the data, which enabled President Reagan to carry out his strategy: "We win, they lose." These are the...(Read Full Post)