The calm in the eye of the ObamaCare storm

After the defeat of the candidate who would repeal the President's health care law, we have entered a "period of relative calm," as the bureaucrats ready the rollout later this year.  But the political storm may be renewed in its "full fury" as January 1, 2014 approaches. At least that is the opinion of Henry J. Aaron, writing for the Brookings Institution.  Aaron compares the ObamaCare life cycle to that of a hurricane, with "a deceptive and short-lived calm" now upon us. Keeping in mind that Brookings is a generally a left-leaning think tank, and that Aaron is a proponent of centralized health care, Aaron's first caution flag illustrates the "complexity of the law": "People will be eligible for coverage" under Medicaid for income up to either "138 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL)" or "100 percent of the FPL," through a "basic health" plan for income "between the Medicaid level and 200 percent of the FPL," or through "ordinary insurance," with subsidies...(Read Full Post)