Surprise! It's a Federal Invasion

In December 2012, the journal of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association ran a laudatory article about the Coast Guard's drug boat interdiction squadron, HITRON, based in Florida.  The author rode along as the chopper intercepted a suspicious boat.  After the boat crew ignored the warnings from the Coasties, they followed their standard procedure of "stitching" the water with 7.62 mm machine gun fire in front of the boat.  The vessel continued on its way, so a helicopter crewman brought a .50 caliber Barrett rifle to bear on one of the outboard motors.   After the engine disintegrated, the crew got the message and jumped overboard. In the course of the article the author mentioned the boat crew was unarmed and likely to be under the duress of the cartels holding the lives of their family members back home as collateral for the safe delivery of the cargo.  The article revolted me. Not only are we bringing military weapons to bear on unarmed...(Read Full Post)