Stand with France's Family Advocates! (Updated)

Gone are the days when France was the object of liberal romance and conservative calumny. In a grassroots explosion that rivals the Tea Party, the "Manif pour tous" or "March for All" movement has mobilized as many as 500,000 people to storm Fran├žois Hollande's government in Paris and demand a halt to the proposed bill that would legalize gay marriage. France now stands as an island of traditional family law, still clinging to its civil code and its Napoleonic code dating back to the 1790s.  On all sides of the French Republic lie countries that have casualized the family structure and passed gay marriage and gay adoption blithely: the Low Countries, Spain, Portugal.  Signs point to Britain doing the same. The same Gallic pugnacity that makes so many American conservatives irate is now presenting the West with its familial Waterloo.  The Gauls, like the Yankees, simply refuse to do what the rest of the world tells them they ought to do.  The news coming from...(Read Full Post)