Six-year-old Suspended for Firing Assault Finger

If you want to know why we're breeding some crazy youngsters nowadays, you only have to look at the adults surrounding them. A case in point is a Maryland elementary school that recently suspended a little child for using an assault finger. Writes the Washington Examiner: The 6-year-old, who attends Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, made a gun with his hands, pointed it at another student and said "pow," according to Robin Ficker, the boy's attorney. He was given a one-day suspension, with a conference on the matter planned for Jan. 2.... Wow. He said "pow." And I bet it really was "POW!" If you're wondering why the child has an attorney, know that, as things currently stand, the boy's permanent record will indicate that he tried to shoot another student. Yet we have to be fair. The Examiner also tells us, "According to a letter sent by Assistant Principal Renee Garraway to the child's parents, this was not the first time something like this had happened." Well,...(Read Full Post)