Rainbows and Unicorns

In the aftermath of Newtown, there seems to be no shortage of opinions on what needs to be done. We must, it is said, make sure that this never happens again. Some people promote gun control, others armed guards, some offer other solutions, and the debate goes on and on. The solution, however, is not the point. The fact that some believe that there is a complete solution is the issue. When did the citizens of the United States begin to believe that Utopia was achievable? When was it discovered that laws and government will solve our woes? We have to make sure that this never happens again. It is a great comment, full of feeling. It is also divorced from the world in which we live. People need to face a tragic reality -- Newtown, or something like it, will happen again. It is only a matter of time. Is that harsh? Absolutely. It is also reality. There may be those that think that it is not a reality. Well, revisit the topic in a few years and see if you turn out to be right. As a...(Read Full Post)