Protest against soccer riot verdict turns deadly in Egypt

At least 22 are dead in the city of Port Said as a result of rioting supporters of 21 defendants who were sentenced to death because of a melee following a soccer game last February. The riot killed 74 and 73 defendants were charged with murder. The unrest occurred following a game last February in Port Said between the local team and a team from Cairo. No defendants were from Port Said. Reuters: At least 22 people died on Saturday when Egyptians rampaged in protest at the sentencing of 21 people to death over a soccer stadium disaster, adding to bloody street turmoil confronting Islamist President Mohamed Mursi. Armored vehicles and military police fanned through the streets of Port Said after the violence. The state news agency quoted a general as saying the military aimed to "establish calm and stability in Port Said and to protect public institutions". The unrest began with nationwide rallies on Friday to mark the second anniversary of the overthrow of autocrat...(Read Full Post)