Panetta's Box

Both written and unwritten rules of land warfare in modern times have long provided a demarcation between combatants and innocents. American troops have traditionally been more observant of that line than some of the forces aligned against us. For the most part though, that term, Women and Children, has long been the line in the sand for the warfighters of most nations. Exceptions abound, that's true, but for most modern, major militaries, the killing stops when there is no one left but the women and the children. How then will that stark line continue to be honored when the United States unilaterally introduces armed female infantry into the battle lines? Our enemies, most certainly, will no longer have any moral proscription against killing fully-armed, professionally-trained and thoroughly-lethal American female troops. By putting women on the battlefield as infantry, the U.S. will have erased the line that has held throughout modern times. By placing them in firefights, we will...(Read Full Post)