Orphans of Perfection

In the pallid light of America's last election, how then shall we make sense of such a monumental absurdity, where half our countrymen broke ranks with reason and saw fit to continue on a course that most assuredly will send us on an accelerated course over the falls? What psychic lure has propelled the Progressives to fix our nation on a trajectory towards oblivion, careless in the knowledge that this regime's profligacy is unsustainable and that indeed the center cannot hold? Shall we not begin here if we are to unearth the genesis of the Progressives' primal quarrel with us? We did not dab their tears nor kiss their furrowed brows. We did not relinquish our seats to them on buses nor did we give them our meal, having well considered that we had enough for two. While they struggled and fell, we in turn strained and held our ground. They have not forgiven us for this, nor shall they ever until they have exacted what they are owed to the very last scintilla. In an age of children that...(Read Full Post)