Obama's first term: the change America was hoping for?

On Mark Levin's radio program on Tuesday evening he cited a number of unflattering statistics regarding Barack Obama's first term, ones the fawning legacy media mostly filter out or otherwise gloss over. (See table below.) He also adroitly dissected the inauguration speech and ridiculed favorable comparisons of Obama to Ronald Reagan that are apparently en vogue. Levin played excerpts of Ronald Reagan's first inauguration speech and the contrast versus Obama was, of course, stark. Levin's show, if you missed it, is worth a listen. That show plus others of his over the past two months are archived and available for download free here. A good synopsis of Levin's current assessment of our predicament is here.   Though I don't know him personally, no public figure, in my opinion, better understands what is happening now in this country - the root causes and historical and philosophical context of the left's statist agenda - than Mark R. Levin. He is fearless, willing to call people...(Read Full Post)