Obama taps McDonough for Chief of Staff

It's apparent that the president doesn't want too many people surrounding him who are going to disagree with much of anything he says. He just named a loyalist to serve as his chief of staff. Politico: By selecting McDonough, Obama is opting for the familiar: a trusted aide who's been at his side since the 2008 campaign and is credited with keeping the administration's internal wheels turning smoothly on foreign policy issues. But McDonough brings less experience than his predecessors with another typical part of the job: fielding sometimes angry salvos from members of Congress with home-district concerns about aspects of the administration's policy or budget decisions. McDonough has been involved in just about every major national security decision made by Obama since he took office, from the surge in U.S. troops in Afghanistan to the launching of the commando raid that killed Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. McDonough, who holds the title of deputy national security...(Read Full Post)