Obama fills his administration with white males

Obama Chapter 2 is off to an interesting start: 1) We just saw renewal of the Bush anti-terror policies, from GITMO to wiretapping to rendition jails; and, 2) The Oval Office looks like a GOP men's meeting.   I say so because we've been hearing for a year that the GOP is a party of white men.  Press Secretary responded to a question about the White House staff by saying that they look for "qualifications" not gender. OK, I like Carney's answer.  Hiring should be about qualifications rather than gender.  However, the hypocrisy and silence of the left is incredible. Close you eyes and imagine that Mitt Romney had just announced  his White House staff.  What would the Democrats & left be saying if we saw a picture of President elect Romney surrounded by a bunch of white guys? Would the White House press corps quietly accept the explanation that we look for qualifications rather than diversity? We are living in interesting...(Read Full Post)