Obama Cloaks Himself in Magical Ideology

Obama is a sort of mushy president.  He tries to emasculate the military by encouraging gays to serve openly.  He disallows enhanced interrogation because it is too masculine, which is ipso facto too cruel.  And he whispers secrets to Medvedev about future compromises because he is afraid of Russia.  Obama lets the mullahs in Iran have their way because he is afraid to confront them -- or North Korea, or that matter.  He is afraid to face the very fact that he is afraid to conquer his fears and himself.  He is feminine, in the old-fashioned way.  He is not a combat woman.  He is not a libber, even though he pushes female lib.  Back in Illinois, he voted "present" constantly in the State Senate because he did not want to have viewpoints ascribed to him.  He wanted to be out of the fray.  He ducked responsibility.  Somewhere between then and now, he became a bully.  He takes wrongheaded positions like a bull banging...(Read Full Post)