Obama: Benghazi disaster due to State Department 'sloppiness'

Well, that's one way to describe the murder of 4 American diplomats. Not precisely the word that most of us would use...come to think of it, it's not the word a president responsible for protecting Americans should ever use. Ed Morrissey says it's the "understatement of the year." Can't argue with that. Via Hot Air, here's the exchange between David Gregory and Obama on Meet the Press: GREGORY: Let me ask you about a couple of foreign policy notes. After the attack in Benghazi, is there a need for more accountability so that this doesn't happen again? And do you know who was behind the attack at this point? PRESIDENT OBAMA: Two points. Number one, I think that Tom Pickering and Mike Mullen who headed up the- the review board did a very thorough job in identifying what were some severe problems in diplomatic security. And they provided us with a series of recommendations. Many of them were already starting to be implemented. Secretary Clinton has indicated that she is...(Read Full Post)