No Impact from Head Start

Since its creation in 1965, Head Start, the federal program designed to provide comprehensive child development services to low-income preschoolers, has cost American taxpayers almost $200 billion. Now, in a December 21 Friday night document dump, the Department of Health and Human Services made public the results of an Impact Study completed in 2008. The verdict: a program set up to give disadvantaged kids a boost before they hit kindergarten has not only squandered billions, but any gains made by three and four year olds virtually disappeared by the time the little ones entered school. According to Fox News: Not only were the third-grade evaluation results poor, so was the department's handling of the study. HHS sat on the results for four years. All that time, taxpayers were kept in the dark while their tax dollars continued to fund a completely ineffective program. HHS had finished collecting all the data in 2008. Despite persistent prodding by members of Congress, the Department...(Read Full Post)