Newspaper removes gun map from website

The damage has already been done. It obviously hurt their business and publishing the map of gun permit owners was worth a ton of bad publicity. Here's the statement from the publisher: With the passage this week of the NYSAFE gun law, which allows permit holders to request their names and addresses be removed from the public record, we decided to remove the gun permit data from at 5 pm today. While the new law does not require us to remove the data, we believe that doing so complies with its spirit.  For the past four weeks, there has been vigorous debate over our publication of the permit data, which has been viewed nearly 1.2 million times by readers. One of our core missions as a newspaper is to empower our readers with as much information as possible on the critical issues they face, and guns have certainly become a top issue since the massacre in nearby Newtown, Conn. Sharing as much public information as possible provides our readers with the...(Read Full Post)