MSNBC has serious discussion about Obama's name

Mediaite points out that the "really deep" discussion dealt with the need to call him "President Barack Obama" every time a reporter mentions his name: On Friday, MSNBC's The Cycle investigated the outrage directed at cohost Steve Kornacki, as well as other journalists, for referring to President Barack Obama simply as "Obama" after the first reference. Seriously and without irony, this happened. And the hosts of The Cycle performed this auspicious duty without screaming obscenities or throwing objects into the cameras. It is a feat that I doubt I could replicate. Kornacki says he was inundated by angry emails and tweets from the president's supporters after he referred to Obama on the second reference as simply "Obama." Rather than dismiss this nonsensical and embarrassing zealotry off hand, he engaged his detractors in a reasoned way. He explained writing style, and how reporters and opinion writers - including those at the New York Times - will most often only use formal...(Read Full Post)