MSM Attacks Hagel Attackers

Chuck Hagel is going to face a lot of questions in his confirmation hearing as Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense. Many Senators have pointed out his questionable judgments on Israel, Iran, the Iraq War. In fact most of the foreign policy positions he took as a Nebraska senator were proved by events to be wrong. In the national press Bret Stephens at the Wall Street Journal and the Journal's editorial board have raised significant objections to his nomination. The New York Times and the Washington Post predictably responded with one of their abusive ad hominem campaigns. For example, a New York Times editorial Tuesday calls Hagel's critics "dishonest": Mr. Hagel's independence and willingness to challenge Republican orthodoxy on Iraq, sanctions on Iran and other issues - both in the Senate and later as an administration adviser - have so alarmed neocons, hard-line pro-Israel interest groups and some Republican senators that they unleashed a dishonest campaign to...(Read Full Post)