Michelle Obama Substitutes Eye Rolling for Politics

On Inauguration Day there was lots of talk about laying aside partisan differences and coming together as a nation.  However, during the inaugural luncheon Michelle Obama's body language indicated that if she has anything to say about it over the next four years, laying aside and coming together will include rolling her eyes. The day started with Obamacare advocate/Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts swearing in Barack Obama, a man who vowed to defend a Constitution he's in the process of dismantling, and did it with his hand on a Bible the president mocks Christians for clinging to. Besides paying homage to a large activist government, the President delivered a speech short on specifics that defined "our journey [as] not complete until" liberty is defined his way and the "precise path to happiness" takes America in the direction he wants us to go. Then the President 'laid aside' and 'came together' by accusing political adversaries who were genuinely wishing him well of...(Read Full Post)