Martha the Farmer May Have the Last Laugh

Martha Boneta, the Virginia farmer at the center of the Pitchfork Protest in August that gained national attention, may have found the ultimate way to keep lawbreaking bureaucrats in check. Fauquier County, Virginia shut down Martha's quaint farm store for selling her produce and items such as goats milk soap without a special permit, even though she had a business license.  The county also charged her with holding events without a permit, and as evidence used a picture from her Facebook page of a private birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls. Martha filed suit against the county and its zoning administrator Kim Johnson alleging that the county violated Virginia's Right to Farm Act, among other counts. What is of even more widespread interest and greater impact, however, is that Virginia State Delegate Scott Lingamfelter announced yesterday that he has filed the Boneta Bill amending the Right to Farm Act.  He will hold a press conference next Tuesday at the State...(Read Full Post)