Liberal Dilemma: When Gun Rights Meet Victim Groups

In a week full of many gun rights controversies, I was thinking of writing an article about the fact that there must be a gay guy or gal who wants guns to protect him- or herself from violent anti-gay bigots, whatever those bigots' rationalizations.  Yesterday, the article was written for me, and it featured an amazing life story. Claire Gordon, a Huffington Post contributor, writing at America Online, told the story of someone who breaks all the stereotypical images that people on both sides of the gun control issue may have.  Her article spotlights a gay black Democrat who is a U.S. Army veteran and currently owns a gun store in Austin, Texas. Claire Gordon writes: Austin gun shop owner Michael Cargill, 43, might not fit the popular image of the gun rights movement. He's gay and a Democrat. He didn't grow up hunting, or with guns in his home. In fact, his family shunned guns like many other black families -- a reaction, in part, to the harrowing rates of...(Read Full Post)