'Jew' becomes 'cool' in Holland?

I can hardly believe my eyes. Yet there it is, a headline from the JTA: 'Jew' is the new 'cool' in Dutch, linguist says. The sub-headline explains it all: Teenagers use the word "jood" as an expression of enthusiasm; Dutch also use Yiddish word "tof" as "good." What can possibly be happening here? For decades, serious muscle has been behind the global propaganda war on Israel and by extension (and Islamic theology) on Jews. Oil billions and the left united carry a lot of heft in the culture working over decades. The American Left's dominance of media and academic institutions has meant that the anti-Israeli imperative was communicated to younger generations, indoctrinated to think of victimhood as conferring legitimacy and nobility. Yet in the face of this relentless effort, here and there mass cultural phenomena, such as new popular expressions, bubble up from below, reflecting a cultural current. Could it be that youth's natural skepticism is being directed at the establishment,...(Read Full Post)