It's about time: Senate will deliver a budget

It only took them 4 years to obey the law that requires the Senate to submit a budget. Considering that there are some laws they never bother to follow, I suppose we should see this as progress. But Senator Schumer is making it clear that there will be tax increases in the Senate Democrat's budget which means it will be DOA when it arrives in the House. Associated Press: Democrats are looking to make new revenue part of the Senate's first budget in almost four years, which will be released soon after the start of President Barack Obama's second term. Obama has pushed for a "balanced approach" to solving the nation's financial woes, including more tax revenue. Republicans for years have complained bitterly that Senate Democrats last produced a comprehensive budget in 2009 and say that, if Obama and fellow Democrats want to borrow more money, they'll have to outline a spending plan. Senate Democrats announced Sunday that they will oblige and produce a budget - but warned...(Read Full Post)