Israeli jets hit weapons convoy headed for Lebanon

There was speculation immediately following news of the strike that the convoy of trucks were possibly carrying chemical weapons to Hezb'allah. But numerous sources, according to Reuters, have shot that theory down. What's bad enough, is that the trucks were carrying sophisticated armaments, including possibly long range missiles, to the terrorists in Lebanon. There was no comment from Hezbollah or the Israeli government. Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV said only that Israeli warplanes had carried out "mock raids" over southern Lebanon on Wednesday night, close to the Syrian border. Israel's ally the United States declined all comment. A Lebanese security source said its territory was not hit, though the army also reported a heavy presence of Israeli jets through the night after days of unusually frequent incursions. Such a strike or strikes would fit Israel's policy of pre-emptive covert and overt action to curb Hezbollah and does not necessarily indicate a major escalation of...(Read Full Post)