Immigration reform deserves an up or down vote

Can someone remind President Obama that his party runs the US Senate?  Am I the only one who gets the feeling that the GOP controls both houses? President Obama has called for immigration reform.  As before, he did not propose any specifics. I call on Speaker Boehner & the GOP to pass various bills related to immigration: 1) Border security.  Increase funding for border security and continue The Merida Plan that has been helping Mexico fight the cartels. 2) "Guest Work visas" for those people who are here and want to work in the US.  These "visas" will call on applicants to do a background check, pay prior taxes and put these individuals to the back of the line for a "green card".  It is not a path to citizenship but rather an opportunity for employers and employees to "legalize" their relationship.  3) Standardize E-Verify so that employers understand the legal status of employees.  Hold employers accountable if they hire...(Read Full Post)