He's got Obama's number

Andrew Malcolm of IBD greets the new year with an appropriate degree of skepticism. Yes, that much. In a year that looks to be...shall we say, difficult, it is important to tell the truth and make it sting. ...the South Side president forgets to mention Chicago passing the 500-murder mark in 2012 during his painful paeans about the need for someone to do something about guns. Like many of his presidential responsibilities, Obama handed the violent gun issue over to Joe Biden to appear to do something about it. Remember how Obama was going to erase the divisive partisanship of Washington? Well, the country reelected a divided federal government, which ensures divisive partisanship will continue. But voters can duck responsibility by pointing to D.C. and shaking their heads over elected members of Congress doing exactly what they were elected to do. And American confidence in its institutions will wither more. Which is fine by Obama since he wants to change...(Read Full Post)