Gloom and Doom for Journalism's Elite

The Obama economy is not working out too well for elite journalists. No wonder so many of them work actively to undermine the workings of the market economy, and put their faith in the radical left. When consumers are sovereign, they have no regard for the prestige and perks that matter so much to the ink-stained wretches, and their bosses. Those who staff the upper echelons of the New York Times' newsroom, and those who aspire to such heights are wee-weed up (to use President Obama's phrase) over the axe hanging over the heads of even the senior levels of the Times. Dylan Byers of Politico reports: The media business was shaken on Friday when it was reported, first in New York Magazine and confirmed by POLITICO, that managing editor John Geddes, assistant managing editor Jim Roberts, dining editor Susan Edgerley, former Washington editor Rick Berke, and former Times Magazine editor Jerry Mazorati could all be casualties of the Times' effort to cut costs. "It is hard to imagine there...(Read Full Post)