French begging for troops to fight Islamists in Mali

Schadenfreude's a bitch, isn't it? When Jacque Chirac was president, the French did everything they could to torpdeo our efforts in Iraq. They refused to send troops to fight Saddam and continuously opposed us in NATO councils. Now, suddenly - France needs help in Mali. And no one is lifting a finger to help them. Globe and Mail: "The French aren't alone, they are the trailblazers," he said, after European ministers approved a contingent of more than 200 military trainers for Mali. He added: "It is completely possible - but this is up to them - that others or the same European countries decide to offer not just logistical support, but also to make soldiers available." The bravado of the sudden intervention last Friday, popular with many in France, appears to be turning to a hint of bitterness that allies have not backed them more, with high-profile figures and ordinary citizens complaining the Mali mission is "France alone." That sentiment directed at allies is being...(Read Full Post)