Finally - Clinton to testify about Benghazi

I'm sure the Obama administration wishes questions about the Benghazi attack and subsequent murder of our ambassador and 3 others would just go away. They successfully stonewalled the issue until after the election and then some ill-timed health issues afflicting Secretary Clinton prevented her from testifying last year. But today, the House and Senate foreign affairs committees will each get their shot at question Mrs. Clinton about what happened, why the investigation has been botched, and why the perpetrators are still at large thumbing their nose at the US government. The Hill: Republicans have been clamoring for her to testify before she leaves office, with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) making her appearance a prerequisite to Kerry's nomination hearing. They're expected to hammer the Obama administration for both the Benghazi fiasco and the resurgence of al Qaeda-linked groups in nearby Mali and Algeria, where three Americans were killed last week when militants took...(Read Full Post)