Filibuster deal 'could have been worse'

Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have inked a deal that would amend Senate rules to make the use of the filibuster more difficult, as well as clarifying a rule regarding the introduction of amendments to legislation. John Fund: It appears that no one is overjoyed by the compromise deal to change the filibuster rules of the Senate. The left-wing group CREDO blasted the deal by saying Majority Leader Harry Reid had failed to stop obstructionism and he should realize he "can never negotiate with Republicans in good faith." A top Republican aide defended the bill to me with the weak statement that "it could have been much worse." The real winners from the compromise limiting the use of delaying tactics on the Senate floor are the leadership of both parties. Under the new arrangements, the number of amendments that could be offered will be limited to only four: two by the majority leader and majority manager, and two by the minority leader and minority manager.  As Hans...(Read Full Post)