Egypt's Intractable Dilemma

Ibrahim Nawar, an outspoken advocate of press freedom in Araby, has just published (Thursday 1/10/13) a wistful lament in Al-Ahram about Egypt's predicament since Mubarak was deposed, two years ago, till now. Although Nawar's observations are overly (if understandably) sentimentalized, they contain critical, honest insights. Most importantly, Nawar accepts that Egypt has failed to come to terms with the diametrically opposed traditionalist Islamic views of the Muslim masses, "the Egypt of the countryside and the big-city slums," and what he characterizes as "the wealthy, the educated and the cultured who are open to the outside world," which "lives closer to the top, in the big cities." Moreover, confirming hard polling data I have repeatedly highlighted demonstrating that 2/3 (at least) of Egyptians profess a traditionalist Sharia supremacist worldview, Nawar candidly acknowledges that this disproportionate "divide," favoring the Sharia thirsty masses, was ...reflected in the 75...(Read Full Post)