Eating our own

Whoa!  Some of the comments to Mike Razar's "Lessons from the NRA Ad" were way out of line.  Sometimes, I can see the conservative movement disintegrating right before my very eyes-to the great delight of lefties the world over. Conservatives of all stripes need to take a deep breath and calm down.  People are scared.  Anxiety levels are flying high.  Conservatives are worried about the rest of our lives in this country-will it remain the America we know and love?  Will our kids enjoy the same opportunities and freedoms we had growing up?  How extensive will Obama's fundamental transformation be and will we be able to reverse it once we are back in power or will the damage be done?  How vulnerable will this make us to outside threats?  I could go on.... We are shocked at the double speak and lies emanating from our President and the Pravda-like collaboration he enjoys from a complicit press that serves at his beck and call. The...(Read Full Post)