Chris Christie Bloviates

Every time there is a tragedy, a politician stands on his desk and bloviates.  He does not necessarily offer reasonable solutions to the problems.  He offers speeches and rhetoric meant to cover himself in a veil of empathy and a patina of concern. Gov. Chris Christie is at it again.  He shakes his girth like a hula hoop and barks or barfs that the U.S. House is holding back $60.4 billion in aid for Hurricane Sandy relief.  All the victims and the mindless empathetic agree with him.   And who wouldn't?  Helping them is the Christian thing to do. But Christie doesn't even justify the $60.4 billion.  Maybe $30 billion would do the trick?  Overpaying is as harmful as overpaying.  Obama is killing the country by false kindness.  He is bankrupting us without looking at the consequences of his profligacy. Christie even took a page out of Obama's clichéd book -- this is not about blue states and red states.  Hey, it worked for...(Read Full Post)