Chicago NPR station issues bizarre plea: 'Go make babies today'

Is the pro-abortion left beginning to have second thoughts? Could that be the impulse behind a campaign being conducted by Chicago NPR affiliate WBEZ?  Anne Sorock of Legal Insurrection highlights the curious appearance of this Facebook-based ad: One of the principal features of life in the richest countries is the collapse of natality. Simply put, when people get rich, they tend to focus on themselves, and lose interest in having babies, which are expensive, and require a focus on something other than personal pleasure. The ready availability of contraception and abortion certainly keeps birthrates down, and the rising numbers of people identifying as homosexual also depresses the numbers of people reproducing. A radio station that caters to progressives would be smart to realize that relatively fewer of its listeners are likely to be raising children with All Things Considered playing in the background.  (Read Full Post)