Capping-and-Trading Liberty

America is at the threshold of a bright energy future.  Why is it then that bold, intelligent steps aren't taken to cross that threshold? Our economic success in this new year depends on energy.  So, what will be the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline?  How will fracking of deep natural gas wells be developed?  Is an increase in nuclear power a serious consideration?  Will coal still be king for the production of electricity? The answers to these questions rest with the President and the new Congress.  But, the push to control carbon emissions through government intervention because of carbon dioxide's purported effect on climate change will continue to slam the brakes on efficient energy development. Supposedly there is a consensus among scientists that disaster is sure to follow if we continue in our errant, carbonaceous ways.  But, is there also a consensus among scientists that greater government control over our lives is...(Read Full Post)