British PM promises vote on EU membership

Alarm bells went off in capitals all across Europe as British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he would allow a nationwide referendum on Great Britain's continued membership in the European Union. Would a British exit destroy the EU? That seems to be the consenus opinion in Washington and Brussels. England has always been more nationalistic than most of the rest of Europe and have zealously guarded their currency and independence while resisting sovereignty grabs by Brussels. It seems likely to be a close vote even with most of the establishment seeking a "yes" vote. New York Times: "I know there will be those who say the vision I have outlined will be impossible to achieve. That there is no way our partners will cooperate. That the British people have set themselves on a path to inevitable exit. And that if we aren't comfortable being in the E.U. after 40 years, we never will be," he said. "But I refuse to take such a defeatist attitude - either for Britain or...(Read Full Post)