Bloomberg Should Demand Hand Control

Following the second recent fatal subway shoving incident in NYC, this one allegedly involving a hate crime, Mayor Bloomberg was quick to throw up his hands in an effort to halt the public from jumping to any incorrect conclusions, telling them to instead focus on the "overall safety in New York." Ironically, it is Bloomberg who is usually quick to leap to wrong conclusions and call for the use of the heavy hand of big government to cure society's ills. Whether he's pushing people around with soda bans or trying to shove tougher gun restrictions upon them, his answer, like that of all statists, is to throw liberty onto the tracks in the name of security. Why, then, should Bloomberg handle these brutal subway murders any differently?  To remain consistent and put an end to this senseless slaughter by trains, Bloomberg should call for "sensible" restrictions on trains.  Of course, doing so would pose a bit of a dilemma, as trains happen to fit in with the whole green...(Read Full Post)