Axelrods Don't Fall Far From the Tree

While watching ESPN this morning, I did a quick little background research on its newly hired analyst, former NBA player Antonio Davis.  As I learned, Davis, then with the Knicks, achieved his greatest notoriety seven years ago this week when he rushed into the stands at the United Center in Chicago to protect his wife Kendra and two children from an abusive fan. Although the NBA suspended Davis for five days, its executives did so reluctantly.  "Antonio's a pretty level guy, very respectful, very disciplined, extremely close to his family," said one.  The players likewise supported Davis, given the nature of the provocation and his restraint in the face of it. The provocateur?  None other than Michael Axelrod, son of then-little-known Obama adviser David Axelrod.  Unable to blame George Bush, young Axelrod blamed Kendra instead.  He also denied that he was drunk and had his lawyer tell the Associated Press that he planned to file a $1-million lawsuit...(Read Full Post)