Administration would prefer you forget about Benghazi attack

Excellent article by Stephen Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn in the Weekly Standard that addresses the question: Why has the Obama administration failed to make any progress in the investigation into the attack on our diplomats in Benghazi on September 11? More worryingly, our lack of progress has emboldened jihadists and makes us look enfeebled: The second part of Clinton's comment generated little interest. Her vow to bring to justice the perpetrators of the attacks was the kind of perfunctory promise we expect to hear from any politician after any attack, particularly one so brazen. Of course it would be a top priority of the Obama administration and its lead diplomat to understand the attacks and punish those who committed them. Yet four months later, Clinton's promise is notable precisely because it has gone unfulfilled. No one has been "brought to justice"-a fact that seems unlikely to change anytime soon. "We're not even close," says one U.S. official involved in the...(Read Full Post)