A Coterie of Dunces

Community Education Council 31 in Staten Island voted to put armed retired police officers in city schools. This made knee-jerk liberal Bloomberg react, "I think it's a terrible idea." Bloomberg is such a consistent, monolithic ideologue that he'd rather see the children of Staten Island endangered than revise his thinking to protect them. Bloomberg no longer has young children; maybe he cares less about ours than he does about his own consistent liberal ideology. Bloomberg says, "We can't just have a police officer standing next to every single person." Whoever said that we wanted such a foolish thing?  Bloomberg posits an apocryphal argument to reflect badly on the right and then puts it down. The CEC proposal actually calls for retired police officers, armed with hidden handguns, to rove from school to school. "It's another layer of defense," Pirozzolo, CEC president, said.  "We're looking to let the bad guys know, if you choose a school on Staten ...(Read Full Post)