Why We Fight - Why We Must Fight

The inimitable Barry Rubin has done it again.  He has taken a very sharp scalpel and exquisitely and painfully flayed the skin off of the world's worst purveyor of conventional faux wisdom, the annoying and boring Thomas L. Friedman (as our friend, the DiploMad, called him.) Of the Grey Lady's very own √©minence grise on all matters profound, foreign and domestic, Mr. Rubin said that he is an example of a "pipsqueak whose most strenuous activity is hailing a taxi" who thinks he "can teach revolutionaries willing to commit genocide how to play nice. They don't understand the significance of what these radicals say and do." But the entire piece is much more than just a skewering of the Left's biggest fool---it provides a concise terms of reference for those of us who think we understand the struggle we will be in for the rest of our lives, and it describes our raison d'etre! Read it!  Bookmark it!  Print it!  And keep a copy handy so you can turn to it whenever...(Read Full Post)