Was Liberal Idiocy Legal Insanity?

One can only wonder if the fool at The Westchester Journal News who made the decision to publish the names and addresses of New York gun owners has ever heard the legal term, proximate cause? I'm sure the newspaper's legal counsel has as well as the risk management people at their corporate headquarters, but the fool who actually pulled the plug? Here's the Wikipedia definition: In the law, a proximate cause is an event sufficiently related to a legally recognizable injury to be held to be the cause of that injury. There are two types of causation in the law: cause-in-fact, and proximate (or legal) cause. Cause-in-fact is determined by the "but for" test: But for the action, the result would not have happened. For example, but for running the red light, the collision would not have occurred. For an act to cause a harm, both tests must be met; proximate cause is a legal limitation on cause-in-fact. May I submit that if a criminal seeking to steal...(Read Full Post)