Useful Idiots and the Newtown Massacre

I have a strong hunch that people who are commonly referred to these days as "useful idiots" don't like that term.  That shouldn't surprise anyone because no one likes to be thought of as an idiot, any type of idiot. That said, the useful idiots who gave us four more years of Obama probably don't realize that he's using the Newtown massacre right now to manipulate them.  He's playing them like a fiddle hoping to savage the Second Amendment to the Constitution and restrict gun ownership and use by sane, law-abiding citizens. Does anyone think that criminals will have any trouble getting guns and ammunition and lots of both regardless of the laws that our elected officials pass?  I hope not. Does anyone believe that the roughly 250 million to 300 million guns that are in private hands today in this country will miraculously disappear if our government tries to restrict them?  Again, I hope not. Curtailing alcohol use in the U.S. is a shining example of what...(Read Full Post)